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Active principle for a biocontroller of agricultural crop pathogens, based on Extremophilic microorganisms.

Research group

University: University of Chile
Researcher: Diego Lagos, Oriana Salazar, Juan Asenjo.


Development of an active ingredient to control fungal diseases in fruits and vegetables through microbial biotechnology based on Extremophilic microorganisms isolated from the Atacama Desert.


Farming industry


-Greater specificity, which avoids the production of resistant strains of pathogens, unlike synthetic broad-spectrum compounds
-Highly compatible with other products, being able to be incorporated into the management plan without negatively affecting it.
-Greater flexibility to be applied close to harvest and shorter re-entry times.
It allows access to regulated markets, where lower doses or the absence of chemical residues are required.
-Compatible with the health of the plant, due to its minimal or no impact on the beneficial microbiota of the plant.
-Sustainable and friendly to the environment, due to its low toxicity and easy decomposition, adjusting to the world trend for healthier foods.

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