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Active principle for a biocontroller of agricultural crop pathogens, based on Extremophilic microorganisms.

Research group

University: University of Chile
Researcher: Diego Lagos, Oriana Salazar, Juan Asenjo.
Contact: techtransfer@cebib.cl


Development of an active ingredient to control fungal diseases in fruits and vegetables through microbial biotechnology based on Extremophilic microorganisms isolated from the Atacama Desert.


Farming industry


-Greater specificity, which avoids the production of resistant strains of pathogens, unlike synthetic broad-spectrum compounds
-Highly compatible with other products, being able to be incorporated into the management plan without negatively affecting it.
-Greater flexibility to be applied close to harvest and shorter re-entry times.
It allows access to regulated markets, where lower doses or the absence of chemical residues are required.
-Compatible with the health of the plant, due to its minimal or no impact on the beneficial microbiota of the plant.
-Sustainable and friendly to the environment, due to its low toxicity and easy decomposition, adjusting to the world trend for healthier foods.