During the 7th year, the CeBiB communication unit, and associates have been holding virtual events and press appearances for the general public, and carrying out activities for students to highlight current developments in the field of biotechnology, bioinformatics and bioengineering. Some of the main activities are presented below

5th season of the Explorers Program

During the second semester of 2020, 3 chapters of the explorers program were exhibited that addressed different projects developed by CeBiB, in addition to carrying out an interview with Director Juan Asenjo

Harmful Algal Blooms

Various articles and interviews have been generated and published by Alejandro Buschmann and Patricio Diaz from the i-mar Center about the blooming of harmful algae in different places in southern Chile, from Bio Bio to the Patagonia.

CeBiB Santiago Schools Talks

Between September and October 2020, 20 online talks were held, attended by 8 schools in the Metropolitan Region.

Talk "Biofabrication in the 4th industrial revolution"

María Isabel Guerra, in charge of the CeBiB Transfer Unit, gave a keynote talk in November 2020 as part of the innovation week at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile.

Girls Pro Initiative

The researcher Cecilia Hernandez from the University of Concepción participates, aims to empower girls and adolescents through the teaching of programming and inspire scientific and technological vocations

Participation in Explora Projects

As in previous years, CeBiB participated in different Explora initiatives.

CeBiB Covid

Several articles in the national press have highlighted the participation of CeBiB researchers in projects related to the pandemic.

Carolina Bonanic in Future Congress 2021

Under the slogan 'Inhabiting uncertainty', alluding to the lack of certainty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Carolina Bonanic, a CeBiB researcher at the University of Santiago, participated in the tenth version of the meeting within the panel called 'Augmented Intelligence'.