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Bioprocess Optimizer

Bioprocess Optimizer

Design and optimization of culture media and feeding strategies for bioprocesses

Research group

University: University of Chile
Researcher: Ziomara Gerdtzen, Andrea Villanueva


Platform to design culture media and feeding strategy, reducing: use of nutrients, generation of pollutants, and improving the consistency of the bioprocess.


Biomedical industry, animal health, human health, recombinant protein production, academia.


-Reduces in the number of experiments and costs, due to the in-silico optimization of the system (culture medium and feeding strategy).
-Maximizes productivity through the design of complete media, incorporating essential elements in addition to base components.
Improves consistency between production batches, considering specific parameters of each clone.
-Minimizes the over/under-feeding of nutrients, favouring the product purification stages by reducing contaminants.

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