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Recombinant Antarctic enzymes.

Research group

University: University of Chile
Researcher: Barbara Andrews, Juan Asenjo
Contact: techtransfer@cebib.cl


Recombinant enzymes with activity at low temperatures, extracted from Antarctic bacteria and krill, genetically modified to improve their activity and stability.


Trypsin: leather processing, wound debriding agent, cell culture or protein sequencing
Xylanase: pulp, paper, food and bakery industry, animal feed
Subtilisin: detergents for laundry, food processing, leather processing, medical use, and skin care products


-High enzymatic activity at low and medium temperatures (10-35 °C).
-Greater control of the reaction. They can be inactivated with slight denaturation.
-Flexibility of use in industrial processes at room temperature.
-Lower energy consumption in industrial processes (10-35°C).