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Technology for the production of large size Peptides

Research group

University: University of Chile
Researcher: Juan A. Asenjo, Barbara Andrews, Álvaro Olivera- Nappa


Versatile and flexible, predictable, high throughput, scalable and cost-efficient recombinant peptide production system


Biomedical industry, animal health, human health, academy.


-High productivity: up to 5 times more yield vs literature for the production of specific anticancer peptides (90 mg of purified peptide per g of dry cell mass)
-Flexibility: it allows the production of various peptides, only varying their purification strategy, which makes it an excellent alternative to be used in multiproduct production plants.
-Sustainable production: it does not use the reagents commonly used in the chemical synthesis of peptides. In this way, comparatively less marginal waste is generated.
-Predictability: it has bioinformatics tools to predict the productivity of the platform on a productive scale.

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